iRover in the garden

I came out to the back garden yesterday and found this lovable guy playing on the patio!

Another test for Blender using the camera tracking feature. I’m still practicing with this quite a bit, and trying to check out its capabilities since I still get quite excited by the results. Considering this was footage just shoot on my iPhone 4s it turned out pretty good. Blender currently only has camera presets for the top end cameras, so finding sensor sizes and focal lengths for the iPhone on the net can be tricky. However, I found a post over in Blenderartists where Malcando has been collecting settings which seems to have worked perfectly.

I took the opportunity to test out my iRover rig too. It was a productive experience since I’ve discovered a few things that need sorted out before I use him again, particularly his feet. They need some tweaking since they don’t seem to rotate around the z axis without twisting. I had also previously added IK/FK switches too, but I don’t think he’s going to need any FK control for his feet. I may simplify the rig and remove the FK controls. I also need to add in some custom control bones to make the rig easier to pose. And I still have to work on his textures, particularly his eyes, which I intend to have as a digital style display.


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4 Responses to iRover in the garden

  1. dpmpls says:

    That was all done in Blender? That looked really good. I love blender, but don’t use it as often. Might have to crack it open again!

    • Alan Perry says:

      You should, there’s some really good stuff in there. Dunno how long it is since you’ve used it but the recent builds have some great features. Ive really become a bit addicted to it lol. Thanks for the comment by the way.

  2. Craig Smith says:

    That was brilliant Alan! You probably shouldn’t have shown me that 😉

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