NutScrewsWashers’n’Bolts was an anthology comic produced by myself and a few friends from 1990-92. The intention was to have a monthly collection of strips showcasing comic artists and writers from Northern Ireland, but we only ever managed to produce 4 issues over the space of a two or three years. Recently, the Irish Comics Wiki kindly added an entry for the comic, so I thought it was about time to make up some downloadable versions for anyone who may be interested. Click on the pics below to download the PDFs.

ISSUE 1 – 23 mb

ISSUE 2 – 32 mb

ISSUE 3 – 28 mb

ISSUE 4 – 30 mb


5 Responses to Downloads

  1. Great to see these again. You wouldn’t know where I might get my hands on other local comics of the period? I’m thinking of Wired, which I had a strip in, and Mal Coney’s early work like The Good Father, which I’ve heard of but never seen.

    • Alan Perry says:

      I do have a Issue 1 (maybe the only issue?) of ‘The Twilight Zone’ which Paul and Sean did before we did NSWB. And I also have #1 of ‘The Dark’ which D Star did. I’ll have to get them scanned although even the photcopying in them is a bit harsh lol.

  2. I’d entirely forgotten I had a strip in issue 3!

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