Sketch Dump #13

Lemmy from Motörhead.
Not quite so happy about this one, but hey, it was just a quick sketch!



Sketch Dump #12

Keira Knightley in King Arthur, not sure I quite got her face right.
I need to practice my clothing and costumes more too, so thought I’d have a go at this.


Sketch Dump #11

Haven’t done a Lord of the Rings sketch in a while, here’s a Gimli!

Gimli sketch

Sketch Dump #10

I got some Derwent Watercolour Pencils at Christmas, thought I’d try them out in my moleskin. Here’s a quick sketch of my mate Steve. He doesn’t have the beard anymore!


And saying as it’s Andy Warhol season at The Mac at the mo, here’s a little play in Photoshop as a tribute.

Steve a la Warhol

Sketch Dump #9

My two nieces, playing around with my camera!

Kirsten and Lauren

Sketch Dump #8

Quick sketch of my Dad.Dad

Sketch Dump #7

Quick unfinished sketch from The Walking Dead magazine.

I think she’s supposed to be a zombie granny, looks like she might have a bit of arthritis!Walking Dead Zom Grannie

Sketch Dump #6

Pam Ferris from ‘Call The Midwife’. And before you ask, I’m not a big fan, it was just taken from a pic in a sunday mag!Pam Ferris

Sketch Dump #5

I’ve no idea whose cat this is or what its name is, but it’s always hanging around my Dad’s house.
It’s very friendly, but it has to have the loudest miaow I’ve ever heard.


Sketch Dump #4



A few random self expressions. I think I look a bit like Albert Steptoe in a couple of them, charming!Selfs02 Selfs01