I Luv Voxels is here

Don’t you just love WordPress! I had been thinking about moving my 3d blog over to this one for a while just to make it easier to manage, and had thought it was gonna be very difficult and messy. After having done a bit of researching on the WordPress help sections, and a little experimentation, I discovered it was actually really easy merging two blogs together. For anyone wanting to do the same it’s a simple process: over on the left sidebar of your Dashboard, you’ll find Import and Export options in the Tools section. When you export your blog, it will be exported as an .xml file (it doesn’t do any harm to use this for backup your blog to your hard drive every so often too), then you can just go into Import and go to the WordPress option. Simples! All your content, from dates to comments will be imported into your target blog and formatted into it’s css styles. One warning though, you should back up or download all your media before you wipe your old blog since the transfer sometimes won’t happen immediately. You can check out the official procedure for Exporting here and Importing here.


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One Response to I Luv Voxels is here

  1. never even crossed my mind that you could back these blogs up – such a good idea. ive got over a years worth of work on here would be gutted to lose it all. good find!

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