Painting a Minotaur: Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Minotaur timelapse. I was hoping there would only be two parts, but I really got sucked into it. One good thing is that I’ll be able to see exactly how long I’ve spent on this from my screen recordings. I’m guessing Part 3 will be the last.


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6 Responses to Painting a Minotaur: Part 2

  1. this is really coming together. loving the little buckle detail [was that planned, or a flash of inspiration while you were drawing?].

    whats the real time/video ratio… ie how long have you worked on this so far? and what screen capture s/w you using, am half interested in getting some myself.

    good work bud, looking forward to seeing this finished off :]

    • Alan Perry says:

      Cheers Chris, I’m constantly watching timelapses of paintings on youtube, always find it fascinating. But I do find it fascinating watching my own back too, simply because it’s great seeing it playing back at that speed cos it makes me look like I knew what I was doing rather than the slow, ponderous way I actually do it in realtime. It also helps for continuous learning for yourself too, I find myself watching it and sometimes thinking ‘I could’ve done that bit better’ or ‘I could have use a different colour there’. And I really like the idea that I’ll be able to watch it back in the distant future and remember the process.
      Not sure what the total time is yet, I speeded it up about 1000% I think, so maybe sitting at 4 or 5 hours so far. I’ll add it up when I’m done.
      I just used Quicktime 10 for recording, there’s not many options but that’s a good thing cos it does what it says on the tin. Then I just stuck it in Premiere Pro to speed it up. But you could use iMovie on the Mac or I think there’s a few open source video editors for Windows. You could even use Blender’s Video Sequencer to do that.

    • Alan Perry says:

      Oh yeah, and the buckle was an afterthought to some degree, knew I wanted the shoulder pad to be a bit more decorative than it was with some kind of fastener and then a triangle just started to turn into that bullshead type emblem as I was doing it. love it when things like that happen 🙂

      • i really need to get back into digital stuff tbh. did my first one there after abt a 6months break, there were a couple little things i forgot [like flipping], which i picked up again from your vid. getting a laptop in couple weeks, so will have a look at some of your recommends. cheers bud!

  2. Alan Perry says:

    Cool, be looking forward to it, been loving the stuff on your blog, particularly the dinosaur and liberty. It’s funny, this is the first painting I’ve had time to spend any amount of time on in the past few months too, and I’d forgotten a few things. When I started doing the hair in the first part, I started using a brush I had for it, but it didn’t feel right. Turned out I was using a ‘Rack’ brush I’d made, and it was all too even for fur. Luckily I found my hair brushes again and all was right with the world again. I think you can see me going over it all again with the right brush in part 2 lol.

    • lol, a ‘rack’ brush is for boobs, right ;] yeah that dino was probably one of the last challenges i did on ifx. always quite liked it. the ‘zombie-faerie love story’ was my latest one. took abt +17hrs i reckon. should have only taken 6-8 tops i think, but im just so out of practice.
      gonna check out the 3rd part of ur paint now x

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