Painting a Minotaur: Part 1

I’ve been doing a few more rough sketches for Conflicting Kingdoms and I’ve been trying to settle on a few designs for minotaurs which will be included in some of the paintings. Some of the other artists have already done a lot of the minotaur cards, I always like to try to get a new creature design right before I start incorporating them into a full-blown illo. Then I decided to take one of them a bit further and paint him up, since I hadn’t done any painting for a wee while. I’m still working on it, but here’s Part 1 of the time-lapse. Keep an eye open for Part 2.


About Alan Henry Perry
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4 Responses to Painting a Minotaur: Part 1

  1. Simon Miles says:

    wow, thats looking fantastic! 😀 now get on with part2!! HAHAHaa

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  3. brilliant! its always so fascinating seeing how somebody builds up a picture.
    this fella has loads of character in his face, i love that ‘pastel’ look you work has.

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