Fightbowl 2010

So the next thing on the Digital Fightclub’s agenda is the first Fightbowl Tournament. We’re just getting some teams together over on the Fightclub thread on (if you want to join in just head over there and find out how to enter)
Been working on my team, starting off with my original Fightclub character Sgt Pepper and working around her, I even managed to sketch a couple of these in work on my iPhone using Brushes, then took them into Painter to finish them off and comp them with the others.

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Fightbowl 2010 team

‘The Lonely Hearts team are the best of the best from Sgt Peppers Elite Squad of the Star Rangers Corp, nicknamed the Lonely Hearts because of their dislike for socialising with the rest of the Corp.

Helga – is the German runner of the team, get her the ball and she’s sure to get it up the field, she’s built like a brick sh*thouse too, so don’t mess with her. Very tactical and always straight to the point (She has a bit of a thing for Walrus too, we think she has a tusk fetish!)

Walrus – The first of the two aliens in the team, he’s hairy and slow, but slow like a breezeblock wall, and forms part of the defense on the team. He hasn’t quite got the hang of English yet, so his communication is very stilted. Just put him in front of the goal, and he’ll figure it out for himself.

Lennon – The second alien on the team, from a high gravity planet, making him able to fly on Earth with a tail to balance himself. He’s blind but has cybernetic googles wired directly to his optical nerves, allowing him enhanced vision, including infra red, thermal and a telephoto option, with which he can see great distances. Always very quiet and introverted, he’s always disappearing off into the clouds when he has some thinking to do. He’s the catcher of the team.

Gramps – The squad’s engineer, a weaponry, vehicles and cybernetics genius, when he’s sober. He’s sporting a force mace for the Tournament, and also a spiked baseball bat for good measure. He makes up the second half of the defence.

Sgt Pepper – the Captain of the team. The hard faced leader of the team, not needing much introduction, not the sort of girl you want to take home to see mother, and with her cybernetic left arm is the teams thrower, and the one who is constantly trying to keep the rag-tag team focused on the task in hand…’


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