Experiment Gone Wrong – Contest Entry

After a little advice from me9a7 over on Lightwyrm.com, I took the pic back into Photoshop and did some work on the professor’s expression to try and get more fear into it. It was all down to the shape of his mouth, the previous version looked like he was smiling. Sometimes I’ll loose sight of obvious things like that when I go from a sketch to a full pic. I need to fix his eyes too, one looks bigger than the other. I’ve was also having trouble with the flask until I realised there needed to be a lot of highlighting on it since the glow is all around it. Did a fair bit on this tonight, I’m nowhere near happy with it or consider it finished, but I’m not going to be around for the deadline tomorrow, so I’ll call this finished for the meantime, and hopefully do a bit more to it later, once work calms down.


About Alan Henry Perry
Art for heart's sake...

One Response to Experiment Gone Wrong – Contest Entry

  1. lydia dsouza says:

    nice blog and good artwork.

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