Initiation of the Baku-Rider

And we’re done. Not sure about the texture on the dragon skin, but again it was a learning experience.

Final Touches:
– Did a lot more work on the background, adding more detail.
– Defined the background dragons more.
– Tweaked the colour of the Flyer.
– Tweaked the shape of the Baku’s tongue.

And I think we’re done, here’s the final image:

“Every year five of the strongest children of the Mastro clan of the Kram continent are initiated into the Baku guard, for 12 long years of arduous training. Their prize is to become one of the elite Baku Squadron, the aerial assault who have turned the tide in the many battles fought by the Mastro against their enemies.
But before they finally earn their wings, the five cadets must fly with the wild Baku out on the desert plains of Kram. If the succeed the earn their wings; if they fail, they become a juicy meal for the young Baku!”

I had orignally planned for this to be entered for the ImagineFX cover competition, but didn’t get it finished in time. Here’s how it would have looked as the cover:

This is the highest res image I’ve done yet, I think that’s why it took so long, it was quite hard on the computer getting it finished. It’s available as a print on my DeviantArt gallery (just in case anyone’s interested!


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