Fightclub Halloween Challenge WIP 2

Little bit more work on the character design before I get to work on the final sketch. Just added a few more scars and scratches in, in my quest for the perfect Pepper zombie. Beginning to think she’s looking like something out of Dead Snow, must be the helmet.

zombie pepper sketch 3

So, onto the final, and after many sketches, thumbnails and doodles (none of which survived the bin, which is something I rarely do, but they were BADDD!), this is what I finally came up with.

sketch 3I wanted to show her mindlessly beating the ‘brains’ out of Tellyhead, this is the only way I could see her beating an inorganic opponent. I’m hoping she looks mindless enough.

I’ve decided I’m going to ink and colour this, rather than just paint it. I really need to practice my inking in PS, I’ve never been happy with my attempts in the past. I’m not really sure what I feel I’ve been doing wrong, it might be that I miss the old feeling of a pen on paper for inking, but hey ‘Get over it!’. This seems like a perfect image to practice with. Let’s see if I can learn soemthing from it.


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