Cameron Diaz Caricature Pt1

For my next image I thought I’d have a go at doing another caricature, inspired by Em’s post over on ImagineFX. I’m going to work on it here since it’s easier to keep it all together, and I have a habit of starting these things then not getting back to them for a week or so, I’m not sure how well it’ll turn out, but let’s see how it goes. The only real caricatures that I’ve done so far has been this:

Alex and Gene-Ashes smallAlex Drake and Gene Hunt from Ashes to Ashes (in case you needed some help) I’m quite happy with them, but I really only used one pic of each of them for reference. So I wanted to try it a way which should hopefully make for a more flexible final image, which is what Em’s suggestions are. It really is worthwhile checking that thread out.

So to start with I’ve gathered a lot of different reference pics from the net to work with, of Miss Diaz in various states of style, even a bald one…diaz montage

and so far I’ve made a list of all the features that I think are important for a final caricature. I may have gone too far with this, but better it being in the description than not, I’m guessing. This is what I got from those pics.

Blue-grey eyes; Soft skin; Bump on nose in profile, quite bulbous and defined point; Very round, defined cheekbones with bottom line towards corner of mouth; Wide space between eyebrows; Squashed face, lots of forehead; small eyes; very dimply when smiling wide, smile right out to edge of eyes, teeth together, top teeth only showing; Square face with rounded chin, sharp jaw from front; Sticky out ears; Smooth shallow curve on cheeks up to eyes; Level eyes with inner corner pointing towards chin; Average sized lips, small space between nose and upper lip,

So thats it so far, the next is preliminary sketches at low res with the reference, just to get a feel for the face. This is the first one before bedtime, not sure it looks anything like her at all. But it is the first one.diaz sketch1


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