IFX Cover Challenge Final Entry

So, a month long process, must’ve spent 40 hours-ish on this. Still not happy with it, but there’s sometimes a point you get where you can’t turn back. Lessons I’ve learnt:

1 – Don’t overcomplicate the musculature.

2 – Think more carefully about lighting in relation to composition. If I had to do this over I would have just had the one light source coming from the candles on the cake.

3 – Get friends opinions earlier in the process, a lot of valuable and valid opinions were expressed too far in the process for me to implement them (my fault for not asking for said opinions earlier).

Still, it’s done to a degree where I feel I can’t do anything more with, so off it went in an email. Hopefully it’ll get a little thumbnail in the mag if nothing else. Another valuable learning experience.

Starfox_Weemans_ Fiftieth_lores_clean

**EDIT 22/10/09**

Yay! Just got my subs copy of ImagineFX and I got a ‘Commended’ for the pic. I know it’s only small, but I’m well chuffed with that, was all worth while after all. There were about 70 printed in all, so at least I like to think I got in the top 11.


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