IFX Cover Challenge WIP 1

There’s a official challenge over on the ImagineFX forums to paint a cover for the subscriber copy of the 50th issue of the magazine, withe the theme of CELEBRATION (the image will only be shown on the subscribers version of the magazine). It’s really caught everyone’s imagination, considering it’s giving the chance to be published even if it isn’t gonna be on bookshelves. I came up with a few thumbnails as ideas:

IFX Cover Art Thumbnails

I really like numbers 2 and 3, but I’ve decided to go for number 3 since I think it shows the celebration theme the best, plus it’s getting the 50 on there too, although thats not part of the brief.

I’ve worked a rough of it up so far:

Imps Birthday WIP 003

Not sure about the colour of the Imps so far, I think if they were blue it might compliment the pink of the birthday cake better. I’ll try that out and see.


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