The end of a chapter

I paid a visit to my local second hand bookshop yesterday, for a good old browse around, something I love doing every now and again, if I can get up early enough on a Saturday morning. The shop has been there for a long time, longer than the ten years that I’ve been living in this area. In fact, a mate of mine who grew up around here told me that he used to go into it as a kid, so that’s a good thirty five or so years ago.

It’s everything you would imagine a second hand bookshop to be, shelves to the ceiling full of books, various boxes on the floor full of books and comics and magazines, that old stale paper smell. There’s been times I’ve gone in and come out with thirty quids worth of books, maybe ten or so. Some books I’ll buy because I want to read them, others maybe because of some reference pics I think might be useful for drawing from. Others maybe I just like their cover, and some I’ll buy for other people, a bit of Catherine Cookson for my mum perhaps. I’m sure there are other second hand bookshops in Belfast, but this one is just around the corner from me, and you can’t argue with it’s name – ‘World of Books’. I’ve chatted with the woman in the shop, and she’s explained to me that the two floors above are full of books as well, in black bin liners, just waiting patiently to be released into the shop and have their ‘raison d’être’ returned. What I wouldn’t give to have access to those two floors; my imagination is limitless at the wonders which might be found among those dusty bags.

However, the shop is currently having a closing down sale. After some extensive investigation, (well actually, I just went in and asked) I discovered it’s simply because of rising rates! So once again our council is ruining something that has existed for so long. What do we do, nothing! When money talks, people only listen, they don’t talk back. I just needed to get that off my chest!


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