The Lonely Unicorn

I’d forgotten I’d written this story to go along with the ‘Sunicorn’ pic in my first post. Here’s the story in all it’s glory:

The Unicorn danced for joy in the rain. The owl had told him that she had seen another of his kind galloping along the beach in the eastern kingdom. He decided that as soon as dusk came he would make the journey to try and find her. he slept for now, and had a beautiful dream of the two of them playing together.He was the most handsome unicorn you’ve ever seen (or imagine). Every morning he bathed under the cool waterfall which fell from the mountains, and the kingfishers helped by grooming his long white mane and flowing tail. But he was always lonely. He so hoped that the owl was telling the truth. They do sometimes tend to lie.

The sun was just starting to fall behind the purple hills, it’s pink glow glittering along the unicorns velvety, white coat. He stood to his feet and shook off the sleep. He didn’t want to waste any time; after a drink in the pool, he set off into the east. It wasn’t long before the sun had gone completely, and now his way was lit by a full moon.

Unicorns are nocturnal animals, that’s why we never see them, mainly because they are hunted for their pearly-blue horns. Men believe they have magical powers. This is true, but once the horn is cut from the unicorn, both die, along with the magic. But still the stupid men hunted, because they thought the horns had healing powers.

The Unicorn galloped on in the moonlight as fast as he his legs could carry him. The trees whizzed past as he raced through the wide forest, until he came to a clearing, where a bear slept. The bear awoke as soon as he heard the sound of hooves approaching, and he stood up on his hind legs as tall as he could and growled…

When the bear saw it was just the unicorn, because unicorns have no enemies other than man, he settled back down again, and asked “Unicorn, where are fleeing to so late at night?” The unicorn told him about the owl’s news, and the bear nodded. “The owl could be lying, you know?” said the bear. But the unicorn was gone again.

The unicorn raced on out of the forest and across the long poppy fields, until he came to a wide river, too wide to jump. He stood wondering what to do, “How will I cross? It will take too long to find a bridge.” Suddenly there was a loud splash and a crocodile appeared from the water, bearing his teeth, and uttering a low rumble deep from his belly.

The crocodile smiled at the unicorn. “Can I help you, unicorn?” asked the crocodile. The unicorn told his tale. “But I’m stuck here and don’t know how to cross!” Instantly, the crocodile disappeared under the water. After a few minutes, he reappeared, and to the unicorns delight he had brought his family. The crocodiles laid themselves across the river, like stepping stones, and the unicorn carefully walked across. He thanked the crocodiles then continued on his way.

The moon was high in the sky now, and the unicorn had reached the base of the hills. He sat down. “I’ve ran so hard this night, I think I will have to rest, I’ll never make it over these hills tonight!” The king of the eagles was flying high above and heard the unicorn with his keen ears. With a flap of his large wings, which were as big as a horse, he landed beside the unicorn.

“You seem so sad!” said the king of the eagles. The unicorn told him his story “But I am too tired to continue my journey tonight, the hills are too tall.” “Then let me help!” offered the eagle. With that, he rose off the ground, beating his tremendous wings, and lifted the unicorn carefully in his talons. He flew over the hills and put him down on the other side. The unicorn thanked him and journeyed on.

Soon the unicorn finally came to the beach where the owl had told him to go. It was midnight now and the moon was shining high and sparkling off the sea. But the unicorn could see nothing. He strolled along through the waves for a while until finally, he heard a noise in the distance. It was the cry of another unicorn.

He darted through the wash towards the sound, and came upon a grey unicorn. But she was surrounded by six men, and had a rope around her neck. The men had torches and pitchforks, and the grey unicorn whinnied and struggled to get away, but to no avail. The white unicorn was infuriated and charged towards them, teeth bared.

The Unicorn reared up and struck one of the men with his hoof, knocking him to the ground, but there were too many. Just when the unicorn thought all hope was lost all the animals he’d met on his journey came charging along the beach. The bear swung his claws, the crocodiles bared their teeth and the eagle grasped with his large talons, even the owl was there swooping down on the men hooting loudly. The men were terrified and ran for their lives. The unicorns were safe at last. But the white unicorn said, “My love, we can’t stay here the men will come again!”

At that, the grey unicorn made a noise that sounded like a whistle, and when he looked to the sea, the white unicorn saw two dolphins, splashing their tales amongst the waves and leaping high in the air. The grey unicorn said “They will take us somewhere safe and we will never be troubled again.” The unicorns thanked the other animals, then stepped carefully onto the backs of the dolphins, who took them to a far away island, where they happily live to this day.

I’m hoping some of these days to maybe do some illustrations for this, then try it out on my nieces. So no stealing! :p


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