Fightclub Tournament in progress..

Okay first up, this is the first post I’ve done through email, so let’s see how well that works. (And it did, hurray!)

More importantly, the Fightclub Tournament is on over at ImagineFX at the moment, it’s in the semi final rounds at the moment. Basically 12 artist started out each with an originally created character. They were paired off in six rounds for the Preliminarys, and each had to paint a final image with both their characters in combat, at which point everyone on the forums voted for one or other opponent, the winner of which would go through to the semis. Make any sense? If you’re not sure what I’m on about go on over to The Fightclub Blog, and you’ll find all the links to the various fights going on at the minute.
Not only is the tournament on at the moment, but I’ve started a ‘fight in the aisles’ there too. A couple of people were miffed at missing the deadline for the start of the Tournament and were itching for a fight, so we decided that we’d have a freeforall in the audience. So far only two fighters have entered the fray, but entry is open to all and sundry until the 20th July, so feel free to sign up and join in! This is my character Smog and his description:

Smog is a lithe, athletic cat burgler, his identity unknown to the authorities, prone to bouts of hot-headedness. He uses cannisters of chemicals on his back to create a noxious cloud of gas from four pipes on his back, while his facemask and googles allow him to breath and see through the fumes. He wears padded leather armour and a light chainmail vest, and his gloves and boots are clawed with Lutetium, allowing him to climb walls, and which also allow for quite a vicious attack. He wears a belt with various other little vials and chemical potions he uses for a number of different tasks.

smog2 fin


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