A Brave New World…?

This is my first ever finished digital painting in Photoshop, make of it what you will!

Sunicorn small

I know, I know, everyone’s been blogging for a long time now, and it’s no big thing. But it is to me, how are you supposed to find something interesting to say every other day to keep people entertained or at least slightly interested. How is it possible to stand out among the millions, billions of blogs that are probably out there. And how should it be written, should it be like a diary, or should it be like the things I tell my parents when I go visit, or maybe I should talk about the stuff we talk about in the pub when we’re a bit drunk (maybe not, I don’t want it getting closed down!)

The basic underlying theme, at least, will be my art, which I’ve just recently gotten back into after years out in the wilderness of drawing nothing. Specifically my digital art, mostly fantasy and sci-fi, drawn and painted mostly in either Photoshop and Painter with a wacom tablet. I drew all the time when I was a younger, up until the age of  about 23 when I started  working in Television as a Graphic Designer and Editor, then it all stopped. Yes, every now and again I would lift a pen and paper and try and draw something, but it seemed I’d gotten worse. The stupid thing was, I had a Wacom tablet and Photoshop all those years while working in TV, and not once did I think to try and paint something in it! I realise now it was just because I was out of practice. Since getting back into art in the past couple of years, I’ve started to wonder how I survived for over ten years without drawing, I’m doing about one drawing a month now and feels like I never stopped (I’ve started about 5 or 6 a month but thats for another post) .

I had one of my pics printed in ImagineFX last year, and that really gave me a boost for keeping going with my art. Here’s the little blurb that I’d written to go along with it. It was edited in the final print, but this is what I’d sent them:

‘I’ve been drawing since the early days, it’s in the blood, my mum and dad’s walls are covered in my dad’s oil and watercolour landscapes and portraits. And there were always plenty of art books, paints and pencils lying around the house to play with, I was always encouraged to draw. I spent most of my teenage years collecting 2000AD, and copying people like Glenn Fabry, Bryan Talbot, Simon Bisley and Brian Bolland. My mum always used to complain, “Why couldn’t you draw nice landscapes instead of guns and monsters all the time!”
I started designing motion graphics for television in my 20’s, mainly because I wanted to work in 3D animation, and have been doing that ever since, and now co-own a television post production company, which takes up a lot of time. Drawing stopped for a long period, until about three years ago, when I started messing around with my Wacom in work, and started to enjoy it again. Then I saw ImagineFX, fell in love and started to actually try a few things out again, based on the tips, workshops and tutorials.
It wasn’t until I joined the site and had a go at a few of the challenges that I started to really get addicted to it, the encouragement and help from everyone else in the community there is a big help. I even managed to get to meet Chris and Martin a few weeks ago for a few pints.’

So that pretty much summed everything up nicely. Hopefully I’ll be posting other nonsense other than my art, but we’ll play it by ear.


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